Lifepo 4800

This be first time one has recharged battery since new
LIFEpo 4 8400mah

How long do it need to charge it for.
Was at 3.2v per cell now charging at 1.2A rate.

any help please ta


If your charger is similar to mine - the charge current decreases as the charge progresses until it warns you that it is fully charged when the current flow = 0.

73 Glyn

hi Glyn kinda sat here thinking am i doing this right or what.

Its a Turnigy Accu 8150 the 150 watt model.

Whats the last 5 dig number for bottom right as it came with no instructions
will keep eye on it once cells reach 3.8V per each will stop charging it.

thanks again Karl

Try this,

thanks that is well useful


3.8V is too much, the cell is getting damaged at that voltage. 3.65V is the maximum allowed charge voltage, 3.6V being a safe limit.


@YO9IRF is right, 3.8 V is too much - this will damage your battery. You have to select the LiFe program for LiFePO4 batteries which will stop at 3.6 V maximum voltage. If you have selected another program stop it and reconfigure the charger.

The number in the bottom right is the charged capacity. Should reflect the capacity you have discharged.

Charge time is somewhat more than charged capacity / charging current, e.g. 8000 mAh / 1200 mA = 6.66 hours. At the end charging current will decay while the charger runs at constant voltage of 3.6 V per cell. I have chosen the 8000 mAh as an arbitrary number reflecting a nearly discharged battery. In case you only half discharged it you need more than 4200 mAh / 1200 mA = 3.5 horus.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

My Turnigy chargers tell me when its finished charging I never leave it alone while it is charging and I use my shack PS which has an amp meter so you can see the current drop off af the battery fills up.
Ian vk5cz . .

Thanks folks.

Machine terminated the charging at just over 3.6v
Getting hang of it now.
Took about 4hrs at 2A charge.