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LiFe battery manufacturing fault

A friend at the local radio club bought a 12 Ah LiFe battery with a BMS inbuilt recently. A couple of weeks ago it went to zero volts and would not take charge. He carefully cut open the lid but the BMS seemed AOK. By studying the wiring he deduced that the terminals were all at one end so he cut that open. And there it was, an unsoldered connection in the series path of the cells.

5 seconds with a soldering iron and some rosin cored solder and it was restored to full functionality.

The reseller would not replace it as the warranty period had expired and his margin was too low to sell a replacement below the “special” price.

I think that there was a case for replacement as Australian law requires that all goods must be fit for purpose and the fact is that this wasn’t and could have failed the day after purchase.

Anyway, except for the case showing signs of being cut open it’s all closed up and like it should be.

I have posted this here as I’d be amazed if this is the only LiFe battery to have this manufacturing fault.

Forewarned is forearmed.



Thanks Ron, very usefull information. :+1:

cheers, Geoff vk3sq