Liège and Maastricht area activation planning

Dear Hams around Liège and Maastricht,

Early February I will be in the area and I was wondering how easy / difficult will be to activate some summits in the area on 2m FM. Apart from spotting myself in the SotaWatch do you have any local network of 2m FM enthusiats that would be able to chase me? At least, 4 of them? :sweat_smile:

The alternative is to bring with me a HF rig, but I will have very limited time for the activations, and doing it with a walkie talkie is much more convenient.

Thanks for your comments!

73 de Joan - EA3IKB

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That would be a much safer bet, I think, unless you manage to have enough skeds with people who can copy you on the summits from their place using VHF.

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Sure thing, ON6ZQ, thanks. I guess I will bring my HF CW rig, but I just wanted to go lean in the plane.

Catch you on the air!



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Hi Joan,

If you need more info on the summits in this region, feel free to contact me on4up AT

73, Peter

Hola Joan,

I think the same as above, using only 2m FM is not a guarantee for success, not many people listen on 2m anymore. HF CW will get you to the 4 QSO’s much quicker.

If you need info about the summits, all summits in ON, PA and LX are described on my blog (except for ON/ON-030 which I still have to visit).
See the alphabetical list on the right side of my blog , or follow the link from each summit page.

73 y buena suerte !

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Thanks Peter and Luc for your helping hand. Very kind of you. Nice blog Luc!

Of course I will contact you if I need more details. I look forward to activating some of these summits, new countries in my log!