Lidl torch with built-in power bank

UK and European readers will be familiar with Lidl and Aldi supermarkets’ weekly middle-aisle specials. Today I picked up a useful 3W Cree LED torch with built-in 5V power bank capability for just £9.99. It will go into my SOTA back pack as a handy safety tool. Weight is 152g.
If you are in the UK and this is of interest, check your local Lidl this week.

Best 73


Both Aldi and Lidl are in the U.S., too. Not sure if the inventory is the same as on your side of the pond.

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I have one from a few years back (also from Lidl, the model is Livarnolux 10395).
Mine has a high and low brightness position, and the third function is sending SOS !

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That’s interesting Scott. I didn’t realise that Aldi and Lidl are in the US too.
I always take a look at their ‘middle aisles’ if I happen to be in one shopping for groceries.

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Hi Luc.
Yes this new one has the same three lighting functions.
Don’t know what it is about torches, I am always drawn to them. Maybe I was a moth in a previous life :grinning:.


Hi Carl, I think I was too :grin:

73 de Geoff


Yep, in Germany as well:

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But not in this week’s ad for our US stores, judging by the stores near Atlanta, Georgia. :frowning_face:

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Hi Carl, haven’t seen this product in VK yet.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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