Licensed for 1 week and knocked over 2 activations!

Hi All,

I undertook my 2-day face to face lessons and testing in mid-Jan, and got the much-awaited email from our national regulator ACMA that told me I am now a licensed Amateur being designated VK1FWBD.

Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to be shown the SOTA ropes by the legendary VK1AD, Andrew who was kind enough to let me dive straight in after he made enough contacts as well as once the DX stations started rolling in. So within my first activations (and first HF session), I was immensely lucky to have 3 DX stations 2 NZ Stations (ZL) and 1 Japanese station (JA). I knew I was hooked! All while overlooking our gorgeous capital from VK1/AC-040 Mt Ainslie

Andrew’s Yaesu (I can’t remember which one) was pumping out a reduced 10w - to comply with my license requirements, on his linked dipole were a great match (gotta love an antenna pun).

The following day (Wednesday) my new (preloved) FT817ND turned up and I was keen to get on the air - I booked a day off yesterday (Friday) and thought I would be a keen bean and try a Friday daytime SOTA activation.
This time on another 1 pointer, with basically a walk of only a few hundred metres.

After hours of calling, I was not successful in reaching my needed 4 contacts. I was switching between my newly assembled PAC12 antenna on my DJI OSMO MOBILE base as a tripod and a long wire with a matching box from Nelson Antennas (on EBAY) up my 10m Squid pole and no joy. Only sunburn! (Note to self… maybe you might want to make sure the spotters aren’t all at work…)

Not to be deterred, I wanted to strike while the iron was hot, so headed back out this afternoon (Saturday) to a second operating position on the western side of the peak as seen on VK1DI’s blog. 2 hours and only local VK1 contacts - but enough to activate (THANK GOD) before moving to a new position as described by the 2m Simplex contacts I was talking to (again thanks to VK1AD and VK1MA who provided radio overwatch for my first solo SOTA session). From this new location, the PAC12 picked up 2 booming VK5 stations before getting stamped out on 7.090 by a head of DX stations and some contest stations.

Video and photos pending.

I have my own blog for those interested in non-radio exploits, this time it is under water rather than up mountains - scuba diving -

Video: Summits on the Air - SOTA On Canberra's Mt Stromlo VK1/AC-034 - YouTube

Thanks to all who spotted - without you I would just be on blowy peaks yelling into my radio alone!



Welcome to SOTA Wade. Looks like you’re hooked already - enjoy!

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Welcome onboard, Wade and congrats on your first successful SOLO activation.
I’ll be looking forward to contact you some day soon…


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Welcome to the game Wade!

Welcome to SOTA Wade look forward to some S2S contacts this coming SOTA season now summer is ending.
regards from
Ian vkcz …

Looking forward to catching up with a S2S Wade now that the ferocious summer heat has abated.

I shall be out and about in a week or two.

Cheers and enjoy your activations, Nick

I was doing my first SOTA activation this weekend too on VK2-HU094. Only a few contacts before 40M dropped out entirely for me, such is 817 and QRP I guess. Looking forward to checking the SWS reports for the afternoon so I don’t feel so bad.

I tried to listen for you Wade on 7.09 but all I got was ZL contest QRM. Hopefully we can pull off S2S at some point right?



Thanks Sam! I tried to S2S you too. Then those contest stations stamped in hard around 1700-1730 local. I got 2x VK5 stations come in 59+ over them luckily.

Welcome to SOTA, Wade! (you too Sam).

From memory Wade, I think you said I was your very first HF contact.

Regardless of where I was in the queue, it was great to welcome you on your first summit.

You are fortunate to have Andrew (VK1AD) as a mentor… top bloke!

I told you SOTA is addictive… lol.

Looking forward to many more contacts with you (and Sam) hopefully some S2S.



Col you hold the honour of being first hf contant as well as in the log for both activations!

I am aware of my luckyness with Andrew. I just hope all new goat hopefuls have / had some one like him to guide them.


Hi Wade Congratulations on Joining the ever growing herd of Sota addicts
look forward to working you sometime down the power bill
73 Rod