Lets try this again - Backpacking SOTA Trip this weekend in W4C and W4T

Hey all,

This weekend, I will be attempting a combined backpacking trip and SOTA activation trip. We tried this about a month ago, but there were terrible thunderstorms predicted (and they delivered!). So, we postponed until this weekend. So here we go. It has also been helpful to have another month to get even more intel on the bushwhacks, which will not be easy, and hone down some plans.

I am pretty excited because this is my first backpacking trip in a while (read: “too long”) and will be the first backpacking SOTA trip. I will be going with two friends Nate (W4NHP) and Brian (not yet licensed but I am putting pressure on him :smiley: ) I am still thinking through the expected times we will be on the summits to put on the alerts, but here are the summits we are planning and generally when I think we might be there. These are the times I am going to alert, but with the hiking and bushwhacking, the times are VERY approximate.

Fri (8/17) Breakneck ridge W4C/WM-019 around 2130UTC (Not yet activated)
Sat (8/18) Hyatt Ridge W4C/WM-035 around 1800UTC (Not yet activated)
Sunday - hiking all day-
Monday (8/20) Laurel Top W4T/SU-007 around 1600UTC
Monday Mount Kephart W4T/SU-006 around 2200 UTC Considering a second activation after 0000UTC for the chasers or doing a NPOTA activation from the shelter depending on battery remaining.
Tuesday (8/21) Clingmans Dome W4C/WM-001 about 1700UTC

We will mostly be on 20 and 40 SSB, and 144 FM, but we may throw in some 10, 15, or 17 depending on conditions. Also, we may have capability to do PSK31. Unless something changes (drastically), we wont have FT8 capability.

Thanks again for all the super help from here. N0MAP and K2JB, I am lookin’ at you! It looks like K2JB will be joining us for part, and that will be fun to get together.

Hope to talk to at least some of yall!



Excellent on grabbing Breakneck Ridge! I was eyeing that one. I’ll pack my radio to work and keep an eye/ear out for y’all Monday.

I hope your skies are blue and your bushwacks free of unnecessary diversion :grinning:!

Thanks! Would love to talk to you whenever.

Given the terrain and the current weather reports, I suspect neither of those will pan out, but hey, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it! LOL