Lets go to the Brocken DM/SA-001

This weekend we had meetings with IOTA friends in Wernigerode( from DOK W09). Saturday admitted it a hike the Brocken, some drove also per railroad.
The Brocken appeared with many fogs, rain, this day, qrvs DL8DXL and DJ0GM as well as something were second stations away from, disturbances, DL1JMS.Thanks to OE5PEN for the spot to my frequency.
Thank you for the qsos in cw and ssb, with then we our ascent with the weather was rewarded. Photos didn’t reward hi. The other guests, that saw themselves in the Brocken-house border history at (GDR /BRD).
73 Matthias DL1JMS

There is fascinating information about the Brocken, and its history as a border summit between West and East Germany here:

This got me all nostalgic and remembering my QSL cards and letters from Radio Berlin International in the late 1980s!