Lessons Learned from Failure to Activate Half Dome

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I’ve written a blog post on a failure to activate the famed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in California. It was a couple years ago, but still it has some good lessons learned.

Nate N0PCL


Morning Nate

 A Very interesting read, PS once again backed up with great photos.

I agree with you self spotting can be very important as i found out on my first time on DC-003 . My first spot went well on 20m. Raised a good number stations after worked a VK5 and 2nd station a S2S from me friend Ed in Germany.

 But when i got home, I had put out couple good self spots, most failed due to my inexperience with self spotting but thankfully not Zero day as i call it, especially after your major hike to get there. So in my experience what i have done is set couple messages up on me phone for each band, i use as templates just adjust the summit prior to going and change freqs when there.

 Another way i have seen used often on Sota watch, is those like myself tend to leave the radio on a certain freq on 20m namely 14285 and a good number of times a sota station has appeared with out self spotting. I do try to work said station being a small 10w station me self and try get details and put up on the watch and and then watch the chasers start piling in. Some times if conditions are poor RX the stations been know for me to get it slightly wrong but other soon come up and correct it and i do same myself its like a conformation via the watch.

 Once again it proves that global communication is not quite global via your mobile phone if you get it wrong and out of range upon where ham radio fills the gap.

PS is there possible chance they could fit a stannah stair lift on that steep part for us more bit oldie types :-)


Gook points, Karl. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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