Leominster Trip

For what we expect to be the last caravan trip of the year, we’ll be based just north of Leominster at the end of the week. I hope to activate GW/MW-002 (Great Rhos) on Thursday 15th, and GW/MW-010 (Gwaunceste Hill) on Friday 16th. QRV about mid-day, hope to be able to alert before leaving the CL we’ll be on, and to spot when on the hill. First outings for the FT857, so there will be a bit more power available, but would appreciate comments on audio quality as I will be using a Heil Traveller headset and may need to re-adjust the mike gain. Usual 80M, 40M, and 20M, depending how a 6Ah SLAB holds out. Hope to be able to give away lots of points.

73s Dave, G6DTN