Legnoncino I/LO-187 06/06/2021

I had a issue with wind that hit the summit.
my alert was optimistic 80-60-40-20mt, I tryed to mount twenty meter wire on 10mt telescopic pole in inv L configuration but I realized that it was impossible due to the strong gusts.
I opted to ten meter wire vertical and some radials, I worked 60mt cw and 40mt ssb.
I qualified in each bands.
I ended with some cq in 2mt fm-ssb-cw using a slim-jim realized with 450ohm ladded.

when I write the callsigns I’m used to remember the name of operator and his qth.
During the acrtivation in 40 ssb I got confused with two callsigns that i didn’t hear for long time. I had a qso with @G0FEX Ken in middle England on 40 meter ssb our last qsos 08/12/2019, so I had a little chat confusing him with Karl @2E0FEH ex M3FEH in cornwall our last qso in 27/02/2019.
forgive my mistake, I hope to contact you often.