LDs cancelled

Hi, chaps.

You’ll gather by now that I didn’t go on from St Sunday Crag to Fairfield.

The cloudbase was lowering, the wind getting stronger and the rain heavier. Somehow a cup of tea back in the motorhome seemed more attractive.

Right choice. It’s raining here as well.

73, Richard.

In reply to G4ERP:

Fair weather activating, pah! :slight_smile: We (me and Sarah) got thoroughly soaked in the clouds on Hart Fell. I’ve been in cloud before but never in cloud with torrential rain falling. Anyway, it was lovely for August 1st to require the full GoreTex hit! Everything is well soaked and I’m just airing everything now. Funny thing was that it was quite sunny on the way up till the clouds came in and the clouds came in just as we reached the trig point. On the way down we had to descend about 350m to get out of the cloud and it was again, sunny on and off.

So now I find myself with a wet rucksack, wet walking gear, wet radio gear and a sunburnt forehead. Bizarre!


In reply to MM0FMF:

Aye, got my fair share of “scattered showers” on Dodd Fell Hill too. Didn’t do too badly on the cycle up from Buttersett and during the activation with showers continually blowing over but the wind drying me off just as quick. However during the decent it was pretty much rain all way - I began to think a canoe would have been more useful than a mountain bike. There was that much water on the track it was in effect a river.

Iain, M3WJZ