LD Activations


I was in the Lake District last week and I activated 6 summits. The weather was terrible on Sunday which is why I didn’t do the two hills I was going to do. My radio got damp on Sunday but was mostly OK once it was dry.

Friday 14th:
I got the train from Bury St Edmunds to Windermere and then the bus to Keswick.

Saturday 15th:
We went up Grizedale Pike LD-015 where it was too windy to put the beam up so I just used the whip in the FT-290. We then walked to Grasmoor LD-009 where it was just as windy and then down to Buttermere YH.

Sunday 16th:
We were going to go up Robinson LD-021 and Dale Head LD-020 but the weather was horrible so we got the bus to Honister and then started up Dale Head but when we got near the top we gave up as it was so wet and windy and got soaked but had to wait four hours for the hostel to open.

Monday 17th:
We walked over to Black Sail Hut and then up Pillar LD-006 but the radio had stopped working again since last night so we went back to Black Sail and had a nice evening with good food. There was also a film crew there making a documentary about green energy.

Tuesday 18th:
We set off up Kirk Fell LD-014 where the radio worked for a change and then through Windy Gap (we didn’t do Gt Gable as we had a long way to go) and did the long wet walk down to Dungeon Ghyll where we had dinner in the pub and then got a taxi to Langdale hostel because we didn’t want to get wet again.

Wednesday 19th:
We went up Loughrigg Fell LD-047 where the sun came out (not for long) and then we had lunch in Ambleside and then starting a bit late we went up Baystones LD-039. I used the whip and got four contacts in six minutes so we got down to the YH just before it got dark.

Thursday 20th:
We got the bus to Bowness and then the ferry across Windermere and climbed Claife Heights LD-053 where there are a lot of trees which made it a bit hard to qualify and then we got the bus back from Hawkshead. It was a lot of work for a one point summit!

Friday 21st:
We said good bye to LD Land and got the train home.

Thanks to all the chasers I worked especially Mike GW0DSP who worked me on all but one of the summits.


Timothy 2E0KEA

In reply to 2E0KEA:

An amazing story of perseverence Timothy. As an infrequent user of public transport and a “day tripper softie” driving to parking spots relatively close to the summits, I can only admire what you achieved during the week. It was a pity the radio let you down and the weather was so bad.

Well done!

73, Gerald

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Hi Timothy

Thank you for a full and interesting activation report.

What a fantastic achievement for you, especially when using public transport to get around all of the summits and Y/Hostels.

It sounds like you had great fun all week, except for when it was wet and windy.
One little tip is to put your radio in a plastic bag when it is raining, to keep it as dry as possible, you can slip one in your pocket and wouldn’t know it was there because they are so light.

Thanks for all our contacts, I didn’t realise that I missed you on one summit, I must be slacking, letting one escape, hi.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike

I’m not sure how the radio got wet as it was in a plastic bag but it is working now apart from a small problem with the s meter.

I suppose I was brought up with it Gerald hi.


Timothy 2E0KEA

In reply to 2E0KEA:

Hi Timothy,

The 290R can get misted up. The case is not especially weatherproof, though I never had mine stop transmitting even though I couldn’t see the read-out very well. I found wrapping it in a towel seemed to help and it kept it safe from damage. Eventually I built the rig into a Tupperware container (complete with a linear), but it still misted up on occasion. The 817 that I use now is much better.

73, Gerald

P.S. You should earn points just for travelling on public transport. I’d definitely need to take a Wilbur Smith novel with me!