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LD-050 no show

Arrived at carpark, thick cloud,horizontal rain and gale force wind with trees losing branches! Even we are not that silly,sorry, see you all next week.
Rob and Aud

In reply to G4RQJ:

Good call Rob & Audrey. It’s egg buttys for tea then?


In reply to G4RQJ:
Hi Rob - just back from Kinder Scout SP-001. WX 3C with gale force winds & a bit of rain. Thoroughly unpleasant! I was sat in a peat hag with the antenna just above ground level in the wind. 100 qso`s in 85 mins.
73 & regards to Audrey.

At least you got out or tried to get out. It’s dark here now (3.30), very windy, really wet and completely miserable. What’s worse I’m stuck in the office working and I don’t get paid overtime! :frowning:


(Working for no pay so your future mobile phones will be better than even!)