LD-013 Old-man-of-coniston

Me, my brother(Ian)and G6DDQ, Decided we was going to do the old-man again, Picked my brother (Ian)up from Rochdale, Then back home again as i forgot my jacket, Made our way over to Rossendale where we met up with Myke g6ddq. We arrived at Coniston Cafe at 9-00am, Breakfast then up the hill, was on top for 11-30am, Myke called on 145mhz had a few calls then qsy’d over to 4 meters, Then i got my hand-held out and made a few contacts with regular chasers,(TNX). I made 6 s2s calls, G0VWP/P=NP-008, M1AAV/P=LD-008, G4KKI/P=LD001, M3OOL/P + M0RCP/P=NP-029, G1INK/P=NP-018, And G4RQJ/P=NP-009,
Then we made our way down the old quarries and over Little Arrow Moor, down onto Walna Scar Road back to the car park, quick cup of coffee at the cafe in Coniston again, before making our way home down the A65 this time, 27 Photos can be viewed on flickr.com Steven Brown | Flickr
Many thanks to the chasers and activators out today on 145mhz.
Till next time m0sgb signing off 73’s

In reply to M0SGB:

A cracking set of fotos Steve, thanks for sharing them with us. You and your brother look like twins.

73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:
. You and your brother look like twins.

73 Mike GW0DSP
I’m the older but smaller one, Ian enjoyed the day out, running back to the car,
glad you liked the photo’s Mick,
Steve m0sgb