LB7PC Erik - Double Mountain Goat today

(pictures from the 2*MG activation)

On March 27, 2024, LB7PC Erik became a Double Mountain Goat in -4C and snow on a very windy Trollhøi at 1370 meters above sea level

Erik started with SOTA in November 2019. Only 2 years and 9 months later, on September 4, 2022, he became Mountain Goat with 1000 points. Now 1 ½ years later he became Mountain Goat for the second time with 2000 points in the program. Erik is the second person in Norway to have achieved this.
Erik has a very versatile SOTA history behind him with activations both summer and winter. He does not shy away from either wind or cold, such as when he after 15 QSOs in -18C and wind canceled the activation of Jonsknuten or the activation of Gaustadtoppen with an expected temperature of -25C
These days he trains a few minutes every day on CW to pick up 30 year old tricks and ran his first SOTA CW QSO in March this year.
It says something about Erik’s passion for SOTA that in March 2022 he activated 14 German peaks and 182 points in a little less than two days. In 2023, he activated 11 consecutive days in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and took a total of 43 peaks on this trip.
Congratulations to Erik on his double Mountain Goat


Well done on 2xMG.

Norway’s a great place to activate but I want that DL/DM itinerary that yields 180+ points in 2 days!!

Congrats Erik,
You earned 'em!

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Erik had not registered on the reflector before today. However there is a pronblem with this regsitration today as all emails are bouncing and as a consequence the registration on the reflector is not proceding. The email address used for the reflector is the same as he has registered on the database. If anyone is in contact with Erik can they please let him know that there is a problem with his email.
Reflector Admin

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Hi Jim, I got the confirmation email and I think everything is ok! I managed to log in to reflector. Thank you and 73.

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Thank you!

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OK I have reset the bounce count but you should be aware that it prevents furure emails being sent so it would be good to find out why this is happening.
73 Jim

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Thank you, W6PNG!
Here are the 14 summits I took in 2 days. All are easy and some are even drive ups:
DM/BW-064 Heersberg
DM/BW-852 Herrenwald
DM/BW-147 Gespaltener Fels
DM/BW-046 Plettenberg
DM/BW-058 Burg
DM/BW-846 Burg Hohenzollern
DM/BW-041 Wandbuhl
DM/BW-038 Lemberg
DM/BW-228 Hummelsberg
DM/BW-015 Hochfirst
DM/BW-057 Lupfen
DM/BW-156 Lindenberg
DM/BW-193 Schacher
DM/BW-195 Zudelberg

If you take them during the winter bonus period you get 13 points for each summit! (Except for Burg Hohenzollern 10 points, but this summit includes a big castle on the top, so worth going)
Good luck and 73 de LB7PC Erik