Laugh For The Day: GPT-4's Idea of a KG6MZS Activation

AI created image using the prompt: Ham radio KG6MZS summits on the air (SOTA) activation

Dig the rig!

"“Can I get Duluth on it?”
“Duluth, bucko! You can get Tierra Del Fuego!”

That really puts the “artificial” in AI.

73 Eric KG6MZS

PS; Spitting image of the actual thing:


AI images remind me a lot of dreams - occassionally I’ve had a lucid one where I start thinking ‘I’m making all this up in my head’, and then start trying to concentrate on the detail. There is none, a bit like that smorgasbord of a radio you have there.


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Lucid dreams… like being on narcotics without the risks :slight_smile: I used to have them regularly when I was aged 17-30. I don’t have them any more but apparently they’re quite rare anyway.

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Accurate observation Mark. I’m reminded of Richard Linklater’s intriguing movie Waking Life. Two observations about lucid dreams: 1) you can’t read small type in them and 2) you can’t control the level of brightness - light switches don’t work. IMO the small type thing is to be expected - it is the antithesis of dreaming.

So true. They are so… odd.

73 Eric KG6MZS

Hi Eric,
it made you younger. Cost you a finger but worth it.