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Latest spots

If strange SMS spots turning up from myself. :open_mouth:

Sorry about that just about getting it right finally.
Andy must be looking at his screen shaking his head in dismay. :flushed:

Apologies sent from this side.
Even struggle with texting :confounded:

M3FEH Karl

Yes I saw them. I got excited for a nano-second then hovered the mouse over the spot which showed it to be a test. You will get it in the end. I can’t for the life of me remember how to do it - I just have a template on my phone that I just change the summit reference, frequency and mode. So a lot easier to work.

But I have to say it is a bit of a nuisance when I’m using my phone to scan spots as it won’t always show the info under the spot. That is the reason if I send a test spot I always put the edge of the band and a mode that won’t usually be used in that part of the spectrum. i.e. 14.000MHz FM is quite good as it can be seen quickly as edge of band and how many amateurs would be using FM on the 20m band? :wink:

73 Neil

Thanks Neil.

Great idea that. :innocent:

I have it templated too now, its mainly on there in case one day I find myself up a hill down this way and about to Sota activate myself.
Any more tests will be carried out in such format as you say with the freq/ mode. I mainly Sota spot from home on the PC.

Karl 73s

Not really! It can be very difficult to get your mind around some of the things needed. But, and this is the important bit, you managed to get it sorted with no real assistance from me.

The format is a bit awkward but was designed to be easy to type on a Nokia phone of 2009 vintage, which was when the 1st spotter was written. It is easier if you have a smartphone because there are apps for iOS and Android that do all the hard work for you.



Thanks again for your help Andy
Good system once you get use to it.