Latest Log4OM Developments

The free logging software Log4om Version 1.19 now includes support for the K1EL Winkeyer, all versions including the latest Winkeyer Version 3.00 and above.

Support for the ever popular K1EL Winkeyer was top of the Log4OM users requests and will be welcomed by everyone that uses Steve K1EL’s excellent devices.

Direct logging from the Winkeyer control window with full contest logging support is provides and in the coming weeks extra features will be added.

The SOTA summitlist.csv is now an automatic download and install

The program can be downloaded free from:

English and French user guides can now be downloaded when using the Log4om installer or directly from the link above.

Fifteen YouTube Log4om tutorial videos are available at:

Other Log4OM enhancements include:

• New cluster spot lookup without QSY
• Added French version of user manual
• Automatic user manual download during install
• Option to install Omnirig during Log4om installation
• SOTA Summit list automatic download added
• Added an option to ignore CAT updates from rig for manual data entry
• New Import and export of user awards from/to XML files
• Lock QSL Message text function added
• Added SAVE AS button to File menu to create a copy of SQLite database
• New QSO DATE/TIME update implemented with +/- time edit to QSO Archive Manager

73 Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team

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Thanks for the update, I will take a look asap.