Latest battery fiasco!

So Samsung are sending out fireproof boxes and fire resistant gloves for people to return their Galaxy Note 7 phones “by surface mail only, not air mail”.

But in the meantime, Royal Mail have announced that they will not accept them in the post in any circumstances!

I can see where all this is leading …

Walt (G3NYY)

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It will soon be Bonfire Night.

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The real question is are Samsung the ONLY company affected by the problem or are all the companies that use the battery manufacturer for their phone batteries affected? I seem to remember Dell laptops Lion batteries exploding a few years ago. They weren’t banned on aircraft or in the postal system… It’s all Apple’s doing, they can’t stand being number 3 !! (got to like a good conspiracy theory).
Before someone asks - Number 2 is a Chinese company whose name I can’t write, let alone pronounce — it’s all smoke and mirrors I say - all smoke and mirrors!

Seriously I realise you have put this in the off topic section but does it really belong on the SOTA reflector?


panto mode on It’s the charger panto mode off

No problems bring a metric shedload of Lipos on my flight this week to Berlin. Phone, spare USB battery, laptop, 4Ahr RC Lipo. And I’ve collected another two USB chargers from the stands today.

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More likely, it’s a design flaw in the Note 7 that causes it to draw excessive current from the battery in certain unpredictable circumstances. This would lead to overheating.


LOL! We have Halloween to look forward to before that. Look out for the scary clowns!



Well I think it will be several things together such as too higher a capacity for the volume of the cell, poor charger design, variations in manufacturing, physical damages etc. What is interesting is that the decision to completely stop this model as that suggests there is no effective way forward to fix the problem.

The brand name “Note” is now damaged to the point that the next model will have an entirely new name. But unlike some manufacturers, Samsung have acted in a decisive way to stop the problem getting worse.

Shame Amazon already grabbed Kindle “fire” :wink:

Well I think Samsung does deserve some respect for killing the device before someone was badly hurt rather than doing what Ford did with the Pinto. Ford knew that a rear-end collision on a Pinto could burst the fuel tank and let lots of petrol run over the hot exhaust resulting in massive fires. Recalling and fixing all the Pintos would cost zillions but just paying out some compensation to the families of those few killed or injured each year would only cost a few million. So they took the cheap option of allowing people to continue to get hurt or die and pay some compensation rather than fix the problem. Of course Ford justly got crucified by the US gov when this came out.