Late on parade GM/SS-161

Hi all,

Apologies for being an hour late yesterday on GM/SS-161. The access from the English side is through Kielder Forest, 250sq miles of tall green trees. The route I chose included 9.5km on the mountain bike up an old toll road. 2km in I took a wrong turn and after 2km on a diminishing track was faced with a wall of trees. Identifying the error and back tracking took up 1 1/4 hrs.

Must try harder


Hi David

GM/SS-161 Larriston Fell is on my hit list - probably it will be my next activation as this summit is one of the few remaining I can reach from North Yorkshire in a day. I’ll probably pair it up with Calkin Rig. I’d planned to walk in from Dinlabyre Bridge, although a bike would save time. I find it’s much easier to go wrong when riding the bike than on foot.

73 Phil

Nice one all part of the fun.
so glad got through that French Contest QRM from this side,


I definitely recommend taking a bike Phil. I wish I had when I activated it starting about 1km NE of Dinlabyre. It took nearly 2 hours ascent and the same back down. With a bike, I estimate 30mins up & probably 15mins down. The last bit from the comms mast to the trig was very boggy.

By far the best way is to drive (with permission) to the hardstanding/car park by the masts. It’s 20 mins of bogbashing to the trig from there. You could follow the non-existant path marked on the 1:25000 map to the GM/G border and operate a GM summit with a G callsign should you be so desire.

It’s a decent forest track, so any vehicle with normal ground clearance will do it. 4wd not needed.

Had you been on time, I wouldn’t have got it. It’s an ill wind…

We parked (with prior permission) at Mountain View but it was still quite a walk up to the summit! Interesting infrastructure up near the top - looks a bit run down but apparently still used by visiting military units, not quite sure what they’re up to…

Requests for permission to drive forestry tracks have been singularly unsuccessful of late - seems there’s always forestry work going on that precludes vehicular access :frowning:

73 de Paul G4MD

Don’t say that… I’ve been lucky so far!