Late Night Activations of GM/SS-192, GM/SS-235, G

Late Night Activations of GM/SS-192, GM/SS-235, GM/SS-221

Good evening all

i am planning to do the three listed summits tonight i know that I’ve gave myself a hour between each but please be aware i may not get to all in the giving allotted time and light conditions

i will not be able to self spot so if you hear me and have access please spot me iam hoping to be able to do the first two summits as these have not been done yet (unless someone has not entered there log )

look forward to having a bit fun tonight

sorry it will just be 2mtrs Fm only

Many thanks in advance
Gordon MM3XGP

In reply to MM3XGP:

Really poor night with regards 2mtr contacts in the tayside/angus area i thought coming out a bit later would have at-least brought out some others to join me or something but i really struggled to get the contacts needed for each summit

sadly i did not have enough time to activate GM/SS-221 Birnam Hill - King’s Seat

OK i did not have my beam or pole and was just using a 2mtr Handy(5watts) but thought i would have had more contacts (maybe need to take a skype phone up hills now as most people are using that instead to contact others instead of the radio hi hi)
but never mind more summits are waiting to be done and next time i will take all my kit and announce it in plenty of time for all chasers and others
Many thanks to the stations that did call me and make this worth while

PS the fish supper on the way home made it even better

Many thanks Gordon MM3XGP

In reply to MM3XGP:

I found in very dilfficult to achieve 4 VHF contacts on Horse Head last evening around 1900 hours. However I would wish to express my appreciation to all stations I did work.

However the hospitality, especially that beautiful Cocker Spaniel, in the Buck Inn made up for the disappointment.