Last trip of the ZL winter?

Trip report for last weekend’s Te Kahui Kaupeka trip (Two Thumb range) linked below. What will probably be the last full-winter-gear alpine trip of the year for me.

Experimental post here to see if these trip reports are of interest outside ZL (and sorry to ZLs who’ve seen it already).

Matt - zl4nvw


Wonderful Matt. I’d give it more than a B- !!

Id be really interested in learning more about the gear you carry for a multi-day alpine trip.

73, Fraser

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Hi Matt,

I read it from your post to the ZL SOTA list. Amazing photos, just stunning vistas. Great trip, wish I’d heard you on more than 1 summit!

I think you’ll find it will get quite a readership here.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Hi Fraser

Gear for a multi-day alpine trip: I’m a solo tramper (fell-walker?) not a mountaineer, so gear is basic winter tramping gear. No climbing gear and no glacier travel when I’m alone.

  • Tramping ice axe (i.e. long-handled)
  • Crampons
  • Boots
  • Gaiters
  • Thigh length coat (earth-sea-sky)
  • 85l pack (one planet)
  • Bivvy tent
  • R5 down-fill sleeping mat (pro-lite)
  • Winter sleeping bag (-13 rated - yeah right)
  • 1x full set Winter tramping clothes + spare dry thermal layer for emergencies
  • Camp clothes (always kept dry, never worn whilst tramping)


  • Billy, gas stove, gas (stove & gas just fit into billy)
  • 1x226ggas per 3 days (when melting snow for water - 1 per 6 days for cooking only)


  • Dinner: 133g carbs + 50g meat + flavour per day
    • Normal dry tramping food: rice, pasta, lentils, dehy mince, dry-cured bacon, stock cubes, herbs&spices, tomato paste, packet sauces, dehy veg, dry fried shallots, potato flakes.
  • Lunch; 30% of previous dinner reheated (or cold)
  • Breakfast: porridge oats or muesli or dehy scrambled egg
  • Snacks: Muesli bars
  • Tea, coffee, electrolyte powder mix
  • 1 to 4 days basic spare food depending on duration, terrain & forecast

Radio gear

  • FT818+mic (minus battery)
  • MX-P50M amp (20w out from 5w in)
  • 8x18650 batteries in 2x4-way cases
  • 40m(/20m/15m/10m) EFHW + counterpoise cut to convert to 60m OCFD
  • Dual wound 64:1 / 3:1 impedance transformer for above
  • 6m SOTA-pole


  • Compass, maps, torch (same batteries as radio), Candle for huts, InReach or EPIRB, 1st aid/survival kit

Comes in a bit under 20kg with radio gear for a comfortable 7 day trip. I can do 18 winter days for 24kg without the radio.

Summer the crampons & some of the clothes get ditched. Ice axe always comes for scree and river crossings. Maybe a tarp to make camp more pleasant. Seem to be incapable of not filling the pack!

And often the packraft - but there’s not space for that and the radio!


Thanks Matt. That’s quite a load!

I look forward to reading more of your reports.

Thanks Matt for your list. Very informative and very useful. :+1: :grinning: :beers:

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq