Last Chance to Work - GM unactivated

Just a heads up that I will be on GM/NS-154 Beinn Dearg on Cape Wrath, 12ish BST (11:00z) tomorrow. This is the last unactivated summit in mainland Britain.

Also Ben @GW4BML will be on GM/SI-212 Bioda Mor at the same time. This is an island just off St Kilda, a unique opportunity to work Ben. Best of luck Ben / GM4BML.

Plan is to both work 2m and 40m. Let’s hope conditions improve on 40m. I will also work the higher bands on GM/NS-154.


If everything mentioned on the above post is successful, this will mean that the only 2 remaining un-activated GM SOTA summits will be the 2 sea stacks in the St Kilda Islands which are Stac an Armin GM/SI-204 and Stac Lee GM/SI-214. I wonder if 2024 will be the year that these 2 sea stacks finally get a SOTA activation and if so, it would mean 2024 will be the year that every valid GM SOTA summit to have received at least 1 SOTA activation.

Jimmy M0HGY


Best wishes and I hope the Sun calms down a bit for both of you as it’s currently throwing a fit. CW may be best.

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Looks like it’s improved a bit since yesterday on the higher bands. Good for Transatlantic S2S!

I hope it’s ok on 40m today. I still managed Cornwall yesterday from northwest Scotland. My noise floor was the lowest I’ve ever heard but signal reports were weak outside of Scotland even stations that boom in like G0FEX.

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K index peaked at 7 last night down to 2-3 now. SFI 221. Lots of people in EU working Easter Island on 20m.