Las Vegas Nevada Drive up?

Planning a road trip to Las Vegas in January, looking to get away from the strip for a while and hit a local drive up peak as I will want to put a beam up in the air.

Any suggestions?

Best I can do is point you to the Clark County Sota listings.

Lone mountain W7N/CK-227 is an easy summit close to the strip. Not a drive on, but still a rather short walk.
Not sure of drive ones in the area…Is a road up to Frenchman Mountain W7N/CK-175, but was not open for public when I was up there.

73 de Aage, LA1ENA

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Angel Peak W7N/CK-015 is the only one I know that you could drive up to without 4WD (paved road all the way) - access is a bit tricky though as you have to drive through the youth correctional area. Follow the directions I posted regarding access

73, Rick WB0USI

Appreciate the info. everyone.

Even if that road was open for the public to drive, I wouldn’t want to. It was scary enough hiking up it.