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LAs on G/LD-tour

LA1ENA, LA1KHA and LA1TPA will be active from several G/LD summits from 21 October to 23 October. On October 24 we will attend the G-QRP convention and on October 25 we plan to activate G/SP-017(?) on our way back home.

In reply to LA1TPA:

SP-017, you’re picking the glorious hills then! :wink:

Make sure your equipment works in a harsh RF environment. There are many, many commercial transmitters on that site and many ham transceivers melt under the strain.


In reply to LA1TPA:

I hope to work you from some of the Lake District Summits (my shift rota means I will not be around for all of them)but I think you can pick a much nicer hill to do on the 25th than SP-017 Billinge Hill. I am sure everyone will have their opinions on which one you should do.

Steve GW7AAV

In reply to MM0FMF and GW7AAV:

Thanks for your warnings! The reason to choose SP-017 was the short distance to Liverpool Airport. Can anyone recommend an easy summit not too far from Liverpool?


In reply to LA1TPA:
Shorter summit maybe sp-010 winter hill from belmont roughly 20 mins walk up,

If you are not aware of it already then check out Wainwrights On The Air (www.wota.org.uk). You should find many people keen to contact you from some of the Lake District summits that do not count for SOTA.

In reply to LA1TPA:

Hi Mads - G/SP-017 is not the best looking hill, but as you say it is close to Liverpool airport. There are commercial antennae on the summit, however I have never experienced any qrm from them on H.F. - but they do cause problems on 2m.

Billinge Hill probably is the best one to do en route to the airport. I have activated it a couple (or more) times just using a 2m FM handy and rubber duck. OK, there was some QRM, but it wasn’t prohibitive. HF shouldn’t be a problem at all, as Steve says.

G/LD is magnificent - enjoy!


In reply to all:

Thanks to all for your replies! I doubt we will do a lot of 2m operation but we will consider the warnings.

Julian: We haven’t yet decided what summits to activate. We will take a look at the wota website to check out the program.


In reply to LA1TPA:
Look forward to working you guys this time, your last visit i missed you despite you staying in a local premier lodge just 5 mins walk from me! Sean M0GIA