LAs on G/LD-tour

LA1ENA, LA1KHA and LA1TPA will be active from several G/LD summits from 21 October to 23 October. On October 24 we will attend the G-QRP convention and on October 25 we plan to activate G/SP-017(?) on our way back home.

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SP-017, you’re picking the glorious hills then! :wink:

Make sure your equipment works in a harsh RF environment. There are many, many commercial transmitters on that site and many ham transceivers melt under the strain.


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I hope to work you from some of the Lake District Summits (my shift rota means I will not be around for all of them)but I think you can pick a much nicer hill to do on the 25th than SP-017 Billinge Hill. I am sure everyone will have their opinions on which one you should do.

Steve GW7AAV

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Thanks for your warnings! The reason to choose SP-017 was the short distance to Liverpool Airport. Can anyone recommend an easy summit not too far from Liverpool?


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Shorter summit maybe sp-010 winter hill from belmont roughly 20 mins walk up,

If you are not aware of it already then check out Wainwrights On The Air ( You should find many people keen to contact you from some of the Lake District summits that do not count for SOTA.

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Hi Mads - G/SP-017 is not the best looking hill, but as you say it is close to Liverpool airport. There are commercial antennae on the summit, however I have never experienced any qrm from them on H.F. - but they do cause problems on 2m.

Billinge Hill probably is the best one to do en route to the airport. I have activated it a couple (or more) times just using a 2m FM handy and rubber duck. OK, there was some QRM, but it wasn’t prohibitive. HF shouldn’t be a problem at all, as Steve says.

G/LD is magnificent - enjoy!


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Thanks to all for your replies! I doubt we will do a lot of 2m operation but we will consider the warnings.

Julian: We haven’t yet decided what summits to activate. We will take a look at the wota website to check out the program.


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Look forward to working you guys this time, your last visit i missed you despite you staying in a local premier lodge just 5 mins walk from me! Sean M0GIA