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05/05/22. My second summit during my vacation was, EA8/LA-003, Corona. The access: coming from Ye, driving to Máguez, +/- 200m. before the small church of Ye. The access is good to moderate, just untill you reach the edge of the old crater. From then, when you want to reach the highest points: good boots and a pair of work gloves!

Corona: When I was going up, my thoughts were focust on all the people who has dramaticly suffered during the last few years. It was meditation for me…

My equipment: for my “workhorses” see Lanzarote 1 of 5 ( 03/05/22 ). Exception: this time I’ve used my long wire antenna ( 9,15 m. ) with a UNUN balun 9:1 ( thanks for the idea @ON7DQ ), sloper configuration. I’ve made 5 QSO’s on the 17m. band and 8 QSO.s on the 20m. band.

The noise level on the 2 bands was still high ( S4 ), just like 2 days before ( my QSO’s on 03.05.22 ).


Tnx for the QSO Rob,

I could not copy you on 20m. 17 meter is a fantastic band and we made it!
My operating conditions:

    IC7100 (70 W) in the car with a 2 x 15 meter doublet. 

73 Karel ON4FI



Just great, our QSO!

Many thanks, 73, ON4ROB

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