Lanzarote: 1 of 5

03/05/22. My first summit during my vacation was EA8/LA-004, Guardilama. The access: departure from the Camino de la Caldereta, at the end off the drivable road with a regular car, coming from La Asomada. It wasn’t easy to make the QSO’s because of the very windy conditions on the top. So thanks to CT1DIZ / EA2DT / F4WBN / SA4BLM / SV2HJQ!

My equipment: Yeasu FT 817, 5 W. with extern power supply ( 8x 18650 cells - reduced voltage with diodes to 15 - 14v. ) / autotuner LDG Z817 / compressed mike / home brew resonant antenna for 20m., sloper configuration.


Same location I set up on, but for me it was sheltered from the wind. Good luck with the rest of your activations. Simon.