Lakes trip

Hi all,

I’m planning a trip to the Lake District during the weekend 6th/7th of September. I intended to activate at least a couple of the following summits- Great Gable G/LD-005, Pillar G/LD-006, High Stile G/LD-012 & Kirk Fell G/LD-014.

Times of activations will depend on weather etc. Not done any of these summits before, so will just have to find my way around them and activate when I can. If my Vodafone mobile has coverage, may possibly use SOTAwatch to alert.

In terms of radio equipment, I’m afraid my station will be minimal. I will take 2 handheld TRX’s (a VX-150 for 2m and a DJG5EY with 2 batt. packs for 2m and 70cms). Hoping to take SOTAbeam SB270, but may end up just taking 1/4 wave for VX-150, depending on weight of backpack.

I have posted a reflector topic rather than an alert, as I’m not sure of times or summits. I appreciate that my signal will be small and I may end up cutting QSO’s short to conserve battery power. I hope potential chasers will understand that this is not a normal run of the mill activation for myself and my main purpose is to have an adventure in the Lake District.

Obviously it would be great to have lots of rubber stamp QSO’s to give out as many points as possible whilst allowing battery power to last the whole trip. I have no means to recharge the battery packs until I get home again.

73 Colin M0CGH

Just do whatever you want to do Colin. Enjoy your trip and enjoy your walking. I would be interested to know what route you ended up taking, so please post your report on here when you are back home. Enjoy!


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Hi, I’m working that weekend but will be on at home earlyish in the morning (up to about 10am) on both days so will listen out for you (if you get up the fells that early) and reply if I hear you before I go to work as I have good take off for most of the Lake District from here and have done 5/9 both ways for many a handie user on the Lakeland Fells.

Hope you enjoy it regardless and the weather comes good for you.

All the best

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Just for anyone intending to listen for me, I’ve decided, that after watching the weather forecast develop over the last week, to cancel my trip. I am very disappointed as I was really looking forward to my expedition, but I don’t think it would be sensible to battle against the predicted 40 / 50 MPH winds and heavy rain this weekend.

Added to the bad weather forecast, I rolled over in bed on Thursday and hurt my neck, so this is another reason not to go.

As is often quoted - the mountains will still be there next time.

I still intend to do this expedition at some point, but I don’t have another free weekend until October. Maybe I’ll have to wait unti next spring.

73 Colin

In reply to M0CGH:

A wise decision, Colin. I’m heading up to Catterick today but have decided to scrub the planned activation.


Brian G8ADD