Lake District SOTA Weekend 18/19th May 2019

Criffel would be the #1 spot Andy!

73 Phil

Yes, Premier Inn seem prepared to allow one nighters on a weekend I have found. They certainly do at their Gargrave place near Skipton. Used it myself for a one night Saturday booking a few times. So Cockermouth may do the same. The Western Fells - in particular Wasdale as a start point are so awkard to get to from my side of England, indeed from anywhere in England. The lay of the land we can do nothing about!

73 Phil

Please add me to the ever growing compliment of attendees.
I have just booked myself and non-radio good lady in for Friday and Saturday evenings in Windermere.
Although I have never activated any of the LD summits, I shall be taking it easy regarding walking and summit count.
Probably active on 2m, 4m and 23cm
could bring 13cm and the PCB antenna if there is any other interest.

73 Stuart

Alert posted. Doubtful I will be attending the get together though stranger things have happened.

73 Chris M0RSF

Just in case anyone is into Amateur TV and coming up to LD’land - Furness Amateur Radio Society are very active in this area and I’m sure would be interested in working people from summits.

Mark. M0NOM.

Furness ARS have done a mass activation on G/LD-049 Kirkby Moor a couple of times in the past.
We feel this would be a great opportunity to do it again.
Numbers as yet unknown, but yes it would be another good chance to use use and demonstrate out 6cm’s ATV and WBFM kit, if we could setup a S2S that would be great.
There is likely to be various other kit used on the day including H.F. & VHF Clansman’s and 23cm’s.
Callsign will probably be GX4ARF/P.

I’ve put an alert up for Nine Standards Rigg for Saturday. Eh? That’s an NP not LD summit! Well it’s a unique I’ve wanted to do for a while and it overlooks so many LD summits it should be good for S2S 2m/70cms contacts. It also leaves more LD summits for people who want to activate LD specifically. It’s also only a hop, skip and a jump from Windermere.

I’ll have 23cmsFM with me and if anyone else will have 13cms, then I’ll have that too. I had to stop and think about the alert time as we’ll be on BST by then and I’ll have a 2h45 drive down from these more Northerly latitudes. I’ll try and grab something else in the afternoon, maybe Dufton Pike.

TR2300 is a bit Pat&Mick, only putting out 1/2W but it’s probably 40years old and needs a re-alignment, there must be plenty of electrolytics that are dodgy in there now. Something else to get fettled if I want to have a vintage 2m activation when here.

If you approach from the South, ie the B6270, although you start at over 500m asl, be prepared for some very boggy ground. Even in May.

Just had a look at some pictures Steve… I’ll need a snorkel and flippers by the looks of things!

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Due to family commitments I will not be staying overnight. I shall be a day boy and claim Lambrigg Fell LD046.

Dave G3TQQ


Any sota is better than no sota. :grinning:

You’ve obviously done too many summits Andy. Roan has a vehicle width track all the way and Ellison is dry… fairly steep at the start maybe, but otherwise not boggy. Now Criffel can be a bogfest and it is a surprisingly a long way off the M74. Maybe the memory has overridden all others of summits in that part of GM/SS. :wink:

Nine Standards - take your hoverboard to scoot over the ponds! If you do Dufton Pike, then I hope for a chase as it is the only NP that I need. Take your dark glasses to help overcome the vertigo… well it does depend on where you operate from on the hill. :grinning:

Maybe it has long grass and was very wet., I remember being more than damp after doing it. The Roan track is after I was there. Boggy nonsense all those years back. There was some good bogging to be had on Criffel last April but it was good at the top. It’s a massive way from the motorway too. I expected to see signs for Belfast if I drove any further West. I remember the climb up to Caldcleuch was stunningly boggy and then the flatish bit to the top with 6in of snow was a wonderful lucky dip with each step… is there or isn’t there a hole full of water and smelly gloop. The photos of Nine Standards look scary.

Hi Andy
Nine Standards is probably the second easiest summit from home, Mickle Fell is the closest but so far I have not been organised enough to go through the not being shot on an army range part of the experience! Nine Standards is wet but even allowing for flippers it isn’t a very long walk. Took about an hour from the road with my nine year old daughter last year. Must admit to having to suppliment the normal map/compass/pacing but with gps as it is not only a swamp, but apart from the Nine Standards is a bit featureless in bad visibility. Good take off to the lakes! Have a nice swim.

Hi Mark,

How very true, Thanks


No such thing as a bad bog if it gets you to a summit. Maybe just bad footwear, no gaiters and bad trousers. Self inflicted, so no pointing moaning, we shall overcome!

73 Phil

Maybe you went the wrong way? Summits on the Air

There’s a new track now at the top Richard that continues from where the old one ended.

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My UK/US plans have changed and I should be able to attend this event.

Now I just need to read through the entire thread and see if I can figure out who is staying where and activating what.

What I’ve gleaned so far is one nighters in hotels are tough but maybe that’s an overshare…



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