Lake District Parking

I’m expecting to go Completes Gathering after the Blackpool Rally this 23rd April. Well it would be rude to drive all that way South from here and not bag a few summits!

What I want to know is: do the pay&display meters take cash and/or credit cards or do you need to have a collection of apps on your phone to pay?

I’m used to horror stories about parking costs in the Lake District but to be honest I’m happy to swap somewhat expensive parking if it frees up more time for summits. The cost-benefit for others may not be the same.


Not sure where you are heading in the Lakes but does this help?


That’s splendid stuff, thank you. I see that RingGo app is the one to have. With a lifetime in software I have found there are few apps worth installing. I see RingGo has 863 1* reviews with most saying how they would give it 0 if they could and 14 5* reviews. That says a lot about the app. :slight_smile:


Are you a member of the NT or NTS? There are a lot of NT car parks in the Lakes which would be free to park in.

I recall paying a parking charge for LD’s Old Man of Coniston at Walna Scar Car Park (37321) in April last year via the RingGo app.
There may have been others, but I can’t recall.

There are really two problems, not only paying for the parking, but actually finding a space if there is decent weather. In Keswick ( which probably isn’t brilliant for many summits ) the Football Club car park NY 26472 23983) is about the cheapest and just has an honesty box… (£3 I think…). I have used Ring Go in the lakes - and it worked but ended up with a 24 hr ticket rather than the one I wanted - so it worked out rather expensive…
If you are happy with a 1 pointer Dufton Pike - just off the A66 had free parking and despite being small is an excellent little hill. ( 1 point ). Paul

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Andy, with such a long journey I would pick a summit that’s not a long diversion from the M6.

For instance, the parking place (54.6036, -2.8940) for Little Mell Fell G/LD-037 is less than 20 minutes drive from the M6/A66 junction and costs nothing to park. It’s only 20 minutes walk to the summit so you can maximize your time on the air.

And if you have the time, the parking place (54.6137, -2.9190) for Great Mell Fell G/LD-035 is less than 10 minutes drive away (also free parking). 45 minutes walk to the summit.


My fault for not explaining clearly. I’m staying Saturday night not far from Blackpool for the rally on Sunday. Then I intend to stay in Lakes for at least one and probably 2 more nights so I can hoover up some completes such as Place Fell, Lingmoor Fell, Low Fell, Lord’s Seat, Watch Hill, High Rigg, Holme Fell. Yes there’s more than 2 days worth in that list :wink:


Hi Andy

Watch Hill and High Rigg are off road free parking but I am not sure of the others. Thirlmere car park machine for Helvellyn requires coins, I think it was £7 or £8! If you do Place Fell from Patterdale it is £5, not sure what the machine takes but you will be able to get change from the Patterdale Hotel as it is their car park.


I’m told that remotely-located pay & display machines are coin only because a reliable phone network signal is needed for card payments. The Wythburn Church (Thirlmere) machine was full up and not accepting coins on one visit.

I’ve had the same problem with the P&DM at Walna Scar Road (SD 288 970) for Old Man of Coniston. Fortunately, it also takes card payments.

Yes, I can see the desire to use cards and apps as it means the machines don’t fill with coins that need emptying before the lowlife come and empty them for you :wink: Of course that means you need a viable internet signal and so on.

Anyway I’ve booked somewhere for Sunday and Monday nights now and I’m looking at High Rigg, Lord’s Seat, Watch Hill & Binsey. Maybe High Rigg on Sunday evening ( parking at the church maybe possible?) and the other 3 the day after. I did think of blasting up the M74 after that. But SOTA is meant to be fun and so why not stay another night and I can grab White Hill on the drive home meaning I can do Blackpool and maybe 5 completes.

Thanks for the info on parking, I’ll be prepared with coins and probably the app. Alerts to be placed in due course.

Which Lord’s Seat? G/LD-033. I parked for free at Spout Force waterfall car park (well just beyond it at the gate) maybe an extra km to walk, no bother for an athlete like you :wink:

Other routes are available which may be shorter.


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Well I didn’t know there were two, yes G/LD-033 but I’ve done the other one. However, I have no idea just what the filter on was showing me because it wasn’t my completes but something else. It didn’t match the DB but a quick off and on with the filter matches now. Of course I’ve picked all the wrong summits for completes bagging :frowning: Never mind, the accommodation is refundable but, a might just leave them as they are. :wink:

G/LD-056, Whitbarrow Scar - Lord’s Seat

Yes, I only knew it as Whitbarrow. Nice summit on a nice day when I did it some 10 years back.

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For Lords Seat - the main Whinlatter car park is expensive, but does take cards, if you park ar Revelin Moss - a 400m walk ( and a start for Grizedale Pike ) it is free… or it was last time I was there… Paul

Funny thing - I’ve visited it for the rock climbing but never been to the summit! :grinning:

Back to parking in LD (and elsewhere) if you are a member of the National Trust their car parks are free and some of them are placed quite usefully.

I’ve walked to the summit countless times in the last four years (beckoning me as it does from my upstairs window). The sign on a gate at Witherslack Hall (School for Young Wizards) saying rock climbing is ‘temporarily’ banned is still there.