Lake District foray

Hello All

I am plotting and planning a trip to the English Lake District next week (12th to 15th).
I note that the Kirkstone Pass still has road closures - does anyone know if the carpark at the top is still accessible? I had hoped to do Red Screes and Stoney Cove Pike on one of the days, so any recent reports or local knowledge would be a help.

The tentative schedule is:

Binsey G/LS-041 on Tuesday afternoon

Pike o’ Blisco G/LD-024 Wednesday morning
Lingmoor Fell G/LD-040 Wednesday afternoon

Red Screes G/LD-017 Thursday am
Stoney Cove Pike G/LD-018 Thursday pm

Friday - I’ve emailed Swinside (per Jimmy’s note) but have had no response as yet so…
either Swinside or Tarn Crag G/LD-026

All I need now is some decent weather… oh and lots of energy…

I will post alerts per the above for VHF (ie 2m FM :wink: ) and HF - I’ll be trying both CW and SSB



It’s annoying isn’t it? They seem to be taking forever to sort that road out.

I took my son along the Kirkstone Pass a couple of weeks ago to try to spot some Herdwick sheep. My son’s school is running a photography competition and my son wants to submit a picture of a Herdwick sheep. I saw the notices of intended road closure. My hand was then forced to get High Street G/LD-011 and Stony Cove Pike G/LD-018 activated before the road was closed until the end of March.

Not sure if you can access the car park via The Struggle from Ambleside but I guess that that would be the only way.

73, Colin

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Thanks Colin,

Google maps is showing the closest approach as the top of The Struggle with the actual pass closed. Guess I’ll find out one way or another :wink:


There are vehicles in the car park now but hard to tell whether they are likely to belong to the workers.

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This may help:

Nick G4OOE

Thanks Nick
I did enjoy the fly through watching the cyclist…

I have pinged a note to the tourist board regarding the car park. I noted from the webcam that a car appeared for a brief period around 21hrs yesterday which would be unlikely to be a road worker :grin:
I will update as I find out, either before or during next week.


The road closure should only be on the Brother’s Water side so that you can get to the Kirkstone Pass car park from either Windermere or Ambleside. However, last year the road up from Windermere was closed too and Google maps suggests that is the case now too. But you can get up the Struggle. However, emailing the council is a good idea - they replied to me last year when I enquired. Just don’t trust the information in the out of office message as it was wrong when I enquired.


I noted that at Cook House roundabout in Windermere that there was a diversion sign, but there was no more information than that. AFAIK all the work is being done on the Ulswater side, so I would be surprised if there were any issues making it to the car park.

If I end up being able to get out on the motorbike I’ll take a trip up and see for myself.

Regards, Mark.

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the “automatic reply” says "…

During the periods of overnight road closures, there will be manned traffic lights during the daytime 7 days a week.

implying access is possible to the road, so we will see if a human responds too.


That’s not very helpful because until the end of March the road is closed 24 hours according to their leaflet.

Indeed that’s what the write up is, however… one write up implied that it was open under temporary traffic control during the day. I mailed the A592 mailbox asking if it was possible to reach the car park via the A592 and got back …
“As of today, it was accessible only from the south, but we have seen cars parked there today.”

So I will set off on the day and see what transpires - I will have to work out a contingency :slight_smile:


I got a reply to my email this evening…just as well I wasn’t in a hurry…

Seems that access to the car park is open via the struggle during the roadworks.

Now all I needn’t is decent weather. Wasn’t nice today and to be worse tomorrow and Thursday

Ah well, best laid plans and all that


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