Lake District and/or Snowdonia area recommendations

I’m back in the UK for a couple of weeks toward the end of May and into early June. While I still haven’t quite finalized where I will be I want to see about spending a few days hiking and activating.

If I have 3-5 days what peak suggestions exist trying to maximize points (8 or 10s ideally) while also being and seeing something great in the;

A) Lake District area
B) Snowdonia

I suspect most will be solo so ideally ones that have reasonably identifiable trails are preferable.

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A) G/LD-003, 007, 010 & 022 are a good group with high points. Miss out 003 if that’s too much for 1 day.
011 & 018 a slightly easier group.

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Or miss out 010 if you prefer a route from the west without scrambling/exposure.

[quote=“G6PJZ, post:2, topic:15038”]011 & 018 a slightly easier group.
Or 017 and 018 from Kirkstone Pass

Also in G/LD LD-005 and LD-014 from Honister.

For Snowdonia NW-001 can be combined with NW-008 (and NW-019 if very fit), or with NW-030 (easily from Snowdon Ranger) and possibly NW-022 (much longer from Llanberis).

Caroline M3ZCB.


Thanks for the suggestions and a quick inspection of SOTA Maps suggests these in some form should be doable over a couple of days and three at the outside.

To Caroline’s (M3ZCB) suggestion, G/LD-017 could be done with 018 or I guess added to 011 and 018 to make for a longer and more arduous day.



Thanks and I’m not super keen on exposure and the ridge between LD-007 and LD-010 does look razor like from the map!

I missed the entire thread you have going on Snowdonia so will dig into that and see what gems I can find in addition to your suggestions.


Hi Paul,

It’s been quite a while since I did the ridge between LD-007 and LD-010, but my memory of it is that it was not at all challenging. You can get a perhaps better feeling for the “lay of the land” from the sotamaps page than might be suggested by the contour lines alone, by clicking on one or the other of the summit markers for those peaks, and clicking on the “Panorama” button in the summit marker popup window. We are lucky in that, in both cases here, the panorama window shows the view from the summits themselves so that, with a bit of judicious panning and zooming, we can see the view from one summit to the other, and vice-versa, and hence see much of the route from one to the other.

The views are admittedly not of the best quality, and you can no doubt find better online, but such views can often be helpful to make a quick, provisional appraisal of an area of interest. Here are two examples taken directly from the mapping main page, to show what such panorama views can offer:

This is the view southwest from St. Sunday Crag toward Fairfield, where the path ascending Fairfield (rather indistinct here) follows the obvious broad ridge in the center of the photo for most of the way up, then trends out rightward over easier ground.

This is the view back the other way, from Fairfield to St. Sunday Crag, where the “razor”-like ridge reveals itself to be a gentle bumble up/down a whale-back :wink:

The panorama window can also be resized by use of its’ “Window resize” button.

The suggestion of LD-005 with LD-014 from Seathwaite/Honister BTW is very well worth following up - these two are among the grandest of the English mountains, with phenomenal views all round. Be advised, though, that Seathwaite/Seathwaite Fell was awarded the title of “wettest place with rainfall statistics in England” :smile: so pick a dry day for your activation.

Another idea for LD-005 and LD-014, if you’re feeling fit, and taking in LD-006 as a bonus, is to do a “horseshoe” route, starting from Wasdale Head, where you can camp or take a room at the hotel if you’re lucky. Start at the southernmost end of Yewbarrow Fell, traverse Red Pike and Black Crag to reach Pillar LD-006 halfway round. Then on to do LD-014 and finally LD-005. Back to the col between LD-014 and LD-005, and the steep but easy path back to rest and refreshments. A really grand tour, taking in three great peaks: just don’t do it at the weekend!


Hi Paul

Some good route and summit suggestions but I would also look at a few other summits that are easier to access and have a high vhf activation count.
Nothing worse on the weather spoiling your plans.


Absolutely! - Hallin Fell LD-043 from Martindale is a cracker, and Great and Little Mell Fell LD-035 and LD-037 similarly worth visiting.


Thanks for the guidance and suggestions. The photos do help to bring home what to expect.

Wettest place…yikes, I’ll have to prey for passable weather.



Thanks and great advice. I’ll try and draw up a list of iconic and easier more reliable (achievable in marginal weather?) peaks so I’m not sitting in my hotel crying into my tea or beer.


For better or worst I’ll shoot for the Lake District this trip and save northern Wales for another visit.

LD dates are June 3 - 7 based in Ambleside.


Sorry for the delay in coming back again Paul, but just to comment on the exposure between Fairfield & St Sunday Crag; the photographs don’t really do it justice. The gentle climb up SSC is just that, the knife ridge is just after leaving Fairfield summit and to be honest I didn’t enjoy it! I’ve got less tolerant of exposure as I’ve got older :worried:. I took my time and was grateful that I was there before the hordes.

Another good pair (but ‘only’ 6 pointers) is LD-020 & 021

So much choice :hugs: