LA4TTA/p cancelled summit

The gent sends his apologies for not making it to the required Zone for Sota LA/HL-014 activation as Conditions are preventing him from reaching the summit.

He,s on side of the summit about 1km from the zone as just set up the station to let people know he can’t make it as out of Cell range. Just had chat with gent on 14285, shame really as he was cracking in here at 5/9 and 5/5 to him it just started lifting on band.

Karl 73s

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So how come I heard several stations working him and at least 2 thanking him for the new summit…the mind boggles :confused:

I worked him to start with and the QSO turned on problems he had reaching summit
Once I had put up a spot stating he;s sorry for not reaching the summit and people ASSUMED he was on the summit.

He popped onto air below about 1km down to let us know he could not do it and was out of cell range hence popped on the radio plus if people listened he was not Calling CQ Sota but his call CQ 20 and as portable. As i picked up on this and he explained all on air what the problem was.

Hence the spot to say it was cancelled as I can’t go on his section of the alert and put in cancelled.

never mind :smile:


PS at least he was honest and stuck with sota protocol of not operating out side the ZONE good man :slight_smile:

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I agree BUT it will be interesting to see how many chasers log it :frowning:

Very true, could have logged that OK sota earlier in day, trouble was he replying to me or someone else as very weak station very hard to hear. So left it out as no contact. But was nice to chat to the LA4TTA/p


Your honesty will be rewarded Karl. If you gain a reputation for not logging suspect contacts, your reward will be the appreciation and admiration of your honesty by your peers. When I was on LA-015 last week I heard a G station sending me a report and telling me I was very weak but “thanks for the contact Andy”. Sadly I was working a US station at the time I recall.

Sadder still is the fact that here at the MT we do have a list of stations who seem to be very regularly afflicted with hearing imaginary voices. We have a list of people who hear imaginary CW as well.


Some operators have still claimed the points from when I “activated” a Tuscan summit which I later declared on the reflector was not the summit, due to a positional error found in the Italian TO Association manual which I found when I returned to base. I did publicise my mistake in activating what I thought was the “summit” and did not claim activator points. I still have a record of all QSOs I made.

Do participants / MT think it is acceptable for me to now check the chaser database 6 months later for the various callsigns against the 80 stations in my log book and publish the callsigns of the stations who are still claiming the points for an invalid SOTA contact so as to make sure the contacts are removed? It would be too time consuming to e-mail them all one by one…

On another point it’s not unusual to hear chasers thanking an activator for the QSO and wishing him 73s when the activator has actually been working someone else. I’ve heard this happening twice on SSB in the last week

73 Phil G4OBK

Bear in mind, Phil, that, for different reasons, many chasers never or very rarely read this Reflector.

In my opinion those chaser points should be removed but the work of you individually contacting them all by e-mail should be done too,

  • either to explain them the problem and ask them to delete the chaser contact from the database within a specific time frame,
  • or to explain them that, due to that problem, the activation was not valid and the QSO has been removed from the database.

Removing those chaser point claims from the database is something to be done by some of the database managers and I think they all have workload enough as to have to deal with this task.
A few points more or less shouldn’t make any big different, should they?

Best 73 de Guru

Thanks for your comments MIke and Guru. (I read MIke’s post before it was removed). I will continue this discussion on my orignal thread when I made it known on the reflector that this activation was void.

73 Phil G4OBK

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Thanks for letting people know Karl.

I will make another attempt tomorrow. WX is supposed to be much better, so lets hope propagation is good enough.

I will bring antennas for 60, 40 and 20m.

Fingers crossed.