LA1ENA Aage is Mountain Goat

In reply to K6ILM:

Congratulations and very well deserved Aage.
It is always a pleasure to contact you on the air.


Well done Aage … BRAVO !
73 de Roger

Congratulations Aage.

A pleasure to contact you from the summits.


Marcial EA2BDS

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Gratulere med status som Fjellgeit, Aage. Ser fram til mange flere kontakter i framtiden. Lykke til og vi hoeres paa baandet!
Einar / Ken - GM0AXY / LA6EF

Congrats Aage and mni tnx for all nice SOTA contacts,


In reply to OE7PHI:
Gratulerer som Norges foerste MG ! Litt av en jobb aa naa dette nivaet Aage.
de Terje LA8BCA

Congrats Aage. Super.

73 Stan OK1AU

Well done, Aage! Congratulations!
Always nice to meet you on the air!

73 de Jürg / HB9BAB

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Congratulations Aage, always a pleasure to work you.


Congrats Aage!
Always my pleasure to work you and thanks also for all the S2S QSOs.
See you again soon.
73 Petr OK1CZ

Gratulerer saa mye med aa ha naadd Mountain Goat Aage!
I recognized that you most likely would achieve this while you were in Ireland. And you did.

Well done!

73 de LA1DNA, Halvard

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Congratulations! - and it is always a pleasure to dig through the pileup to the mutual s2s QSO!


Karel OK2BWB

Hi Aage,
Very well done on your recent promotion. Your country of residence is not an easy place to get MG so give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the euphoria of the coming week. While we about it, thanks too for all the QSO’s with GX0OOO/P.
73 John G4YSS.

In reply to G4YSS:
Thank you all for the kind greetings. Will not stop activating/chasing so guess I see you all soon from a summit or from the shack.

best 73’s
de Aage

In reply to LA1ENA:
Congratulations Aage. Tks for the many nice QSO’s!



Many congratulations Aage. It is always a pleasure to work you, either when you are on a summit or when you are chasing from the shack. I well remember when we had a shack to shack QSO on 7MHz CW which was quite a rarity for me.

All the best for your future SOTA operations.

73, Gerald G4OIG