LA1ENA Aage is Mountain Goat

Congratulations to LA1ENA Aage who travelled to Ireland to achieve his mountain goat only yesterday.

Strangely enough Aage reached the 1000 points on the same summit, Great Sugar Loaf EI/IE-022, as I did last year, quite a coincidence!

Well done Aage on joining the MG Club - I would have liked to have worked you on your MG qualifiying summit of Great Sugar Loaf yesterday for the SOTA Complete but I went out a few minutes before you were QRV! Well done on the 44 QSOs from there, which I see are now in the database.

I hope you have a good flight back to Norway today, and you have no problems in getting the radio gear through customs at Dublin Airport.

73 Phil G4OBK

Congrats Aage, well done!

It is always a pleasure to break through the pile-up to realize our S2S QSO.

73 es gl, Heinz HB9BCB

Well done Aage!

Congratulations Aage!.Good job!.
Vy 73 Robert SP8RHP.

Congratulations Aage. Well done.
73, Frank

Congratulations Aage, always a pleasure to work you as a chaser or activator.


Victor GI4ONL

Well done Aage!


VY FB DR Aage, very proud!


Well deserved Aage.
Thanks for all the qso’s.

73 Rob G0PEB

Well done Aage.
Hope to work you many times again in the future.

73 Pete

Well done Aage, thanks for all the QSO’s.
73 Mike g0bpu

Congratulations Aage and thanks for the qso’s.


Congratulations Aage on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

First MG in Norway!


Congratulations Aage!

You’ve put a lot of effort in to activating summits in many different countries, your MG status is certainly well earned.

Top bloke too, hope for many more eyeball and CW QSOs!



In reply to G4OBK:
Congratulations Aage, always nice to work you.

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to G4OBK:

Congratulations on your Mountain Goat Aage, thanks for all the CW contacts on your way up to 1000 pts.

All the best,

Steve MW0BBU.

Gratulerer Åge! Well done!!
73 de LA1EBA

Congrats Aage! And nice choice of the 1000 pt summit :slight_smile:

73 Marek EI7KH

In reply to G4OBK:
An especial congrats to Aage because it was hard for him to get to big mountains where he lives on the South coast of Norway. Most of his high hills came whilst on holiday, and his average per climb would be about 2 points but for those holiday activations.

Further, he’s the nicest association manager you could ever hope for, including contacting the licensing authorities on your behalf. He helped me pick some hills, and we went together on one of them near Drammen, Norway.

Elliott, K6EL