I hope to master this beast of bushing.
Bringing a 10m pole, inv vee for 30 and 20m, mostly cw, 5W out.
11:00 utc, give or take an hour.
Will take 4 qso´s any day, but if not too hard to get to summit, I will close after about 50 or when my guide says so…
Wish me luck and stamina enough… lol?


Well what luck.

Hearing you working the SP/BZ-046 and then the QSY to 14280 for the QSO.
Brilliant you on your 5w and me on me 10w. Yet could not hear you earlier and K7 index reading.

Like siad get out there do it and see what happens RESULT Henning

Thanks again for the Contact very unexpected but we did it :smiley:


Timing is the key, condx changed very rapid today, 30 min and it went from 20m closed to band wide open at my QTH.

Certainly was caught it just right.
Clocked good signals on 20m from Spain Norway and Italy and also on 40m from Wales, Belgium and a 938km to Eva on DM/BW461 from earlier in day struggling to reach any one.

Don’t know what causes it but was grateful :smile: