LA/TM-013 Vestre Vealøs

I’m sorry about my sudden qrt from LA/TM-013 today. The temperature was about -5° and it was very windy. Both XYL and myself was cold so we decided to take our lunch at lower altitude to protect from the wind.

Mike(DSP), unfortunately our contact was not valid. I tried to give you a 58 report but had to change this to 57 because of the “helper”.

You can find a short video and read more on my sota blog:


In reply to LA1TPA:

Hi Mads

I have not logged the QSO. I clearly heard 55 but it was someone fooling around causing QRM, then the QSP.

I was told by John GW4BVE who was listening at the time of our QSO, that the QSO was not valid. I dont know why people try to QSP reports, I suppose they think that they are helping.

Not to worry Mads, maybe next time it will be ok.


In reply to LA1TPA:

Sorry I missed you by a few minutes for a summit to summit; it took a bit longer to set up the HF aerial in the wind! I can understand why you decided to stop with the cold as we had the same issue after being sat around in the cold wind for half an hour and obviously safety has to come first.

Hope to catch you on the next one,