LA SOTA meetup teaser video

This weekend the LA SOTA community met up at Venabygdsfjellet in the middle of Norway. This is a short teaser video of a longer one coming up at a later time.


I hope to see you.

good activation

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Flott video, Kjetil!

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You’re welcome to join us next year :blush:

Glad to see (and hear) that you have your local community in LA. But never heard of it yet. How are you organised? I can imagine that it is difficult to meet locally in such a diverse country like LA, although that is good for the social life of your chapter.

We have the luxury of a dedicated SOTA club here in HB9 supporting the SOTA tasks but also to give our friends a platform and faces to meet. A great plus!

73, Markus HB9DIZ


Summits on The Air Norway was founded in May 2023 and has a board of five people. The gathering this September is the first physical gathering we have had. We have also held meetings in the organisation via video systems (Teams/Webex).
Yes, Norway is a large country in terms of area, the person who travelled the furthest to the meeting drove a car for 8-9 hours one way, most people had a 3-4 hour drive one way, either from the Oslo area or the Trondheim area.
A very successful gathering, stay tuned: LB4FH will make a longer video about the gathering with English speech that will probably be finalised during the weekend.


We’re aiming for a meetup next year too, would be fun with some foreign visitors too :wink:

It was a really long drive, but also worth it to meet other operators face to face, where I live there’s almost no other activity.