LA/OL-127 Nevelfjell LB1GB/p

Very few takers on this trip. Had Camilla(7) with me as antenna carrier and photographer. Both of us had fun!

This is an easy climb. A 2 km hike with about 120 meters height difference.

I will post a few pictures to tonite.

Thanks to:
Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:06z DL2DXA 7MHz CW 1st QSO OL-127
11:10z SM6CMU 7MHz CW
11:11z SM5IMO 7MHz CW
11:21z OK1AOV 7MHz CW
11:22z SF4J 7MHz CW
11:27z OK1KT 7MHz CW
11:37z DL7RAG 14MHz CW
11:41z F6HIA 14MHz CW
11:46z DJ5AA/P 7MHz CW S2S DM/SX-221

for the Q’s.

Pictures uploaded and added to SOTA Groups.

LB1GB’s photostream: Bjørn Bergheim | Flickr

73 Bjørn LB1GB and Camilla