LA/NL-044 Ørntuva (The Eagle Top) Activation

Nice day today and I was ready for my second SOTA activation. Still from EU-062 Dønna Island but this time from NL-044.

WX: Blue sky and a small breeze blowing from north, temperature only 7-8 degrees Celsius. The summits foot is about 7 kilometre from my home QTH and it took about 1 hour to walk up. The gear for the day was IC-703, 10meter long telescopic fiber glass mast, dipole for 20m and this time a 7.2Ah lead battery.

Start current on my battery was 12.7volt and after nearly 1 hour of operation on 10watt output the battery showed still 12.5volt when I ended the activation.

I’m very satisfied with this result compared with the LiFePO cells on 10Ah I was using on my last activation that dropped from 13v to 10.5v after 50minutes of operation with the same output from the radio.

Propligation today was not very good but anyway gave me 31 contacts around in Europe.

TNX to everybody who called in today.

Best 73’s from LA3DNA/P Leif