KX3 Hard Case Options?

I’m looking for a KX3 case that is hard, yet isn’t cumbersome. My goal is to have something I can put in the day pack and not worry about.

I see a lot of people like the Jelly Roll by Hazard 4 but I watched a video on it and I’m not a huge fan of how the buttons can still depress through the case. I was hoping for something like an EVA storage case (think hard shell sunglasses case). Looking through the thousands on Amazon, they make the things for every piece of electronics on the planet, but it seems nothing matches up well with the KX3.

Anyone have any luck finding something that will slide into a daypack? Right now I’m just wrapping it up in LOTS of bubblewrap as a temporary solution.

To give you an idea of what I’m looking for: https://smile.amazon.com/Protective-Carrying-ADS1500W-Connectivity-Hermitshell/dp/B01M5KFLDT/ref=sr_1_110?ie=UTF8&qid=1492108627&sr=8-110&keywords=hard+eva+case That is similar.

Evan - N3TWM


Hi Evan

I use a lunchbox bougth in a supermarket which contains the KX3 with microphone and also a 1.1 AH LiFePo4 - Battery, earphones, Palm Morsekey and a digital clock.

73, Peter


Evan, I started out with a Plano Waterproof box (like a Pelican, but less expensive). I ended up moving away from it as it’s just too heavy and cumbersome. I went to a Thinktank Strobe case… it’s a soft case but has plenty of cushioning… Once I’d bought it I found out that @KQ2RP has a very similar one from Amazon that cost like $8, which is about $30 less than the Thinktank version.

Richard // N2GBR

edit… Evan if you really want to try the hard case option… when I see you you’re welcome to trial the Plano case… if I’m lucky you’ll want to purchase it from me… :slight_smile:

One of those clip down lid lunch boxes from a supermaket will do the job. Along with a bit of bubble wrap around the KX3 as an added measure.

Room enough for radio, battery, some cables, notepad and a couple of other odds and ends.

Fits ok into the usual sized day pack.

73’s, Nick



I was unable to find an EVA hard case that would fit the KX3 comfortably. I ended up settling on the following, which works quite nicely other than the fact that is is still a soft case:

I bought the 110x230 mm sized bag. It has a way to tighten down the waist of the bag a big for a more snug fit, and has a reasonable mount of padding. The case is slightly too long, but I will just cut down the bubble wrap I was using to keep it safe to take up the play.

It also allows for you to carry the radio via an included shoulder strap. The extra space could fit a BNC binding post and some wire. If you use internal batteries and have the internal tuner option, you could probably fit the entire station in the bag and have a very light, compact system. Just throw a fishing weight and throwing rope in a pocket.

Hi Evan,

I picked up a used Pelican at a hamfest for $5 similar to this: http://www.thepelicanstore.com/im2100-storm-case-1127.aspx . I went to a foam/fabric store and bought foam to shadow in the rig, and accessories.
It IS bulky but on a recent SOTA activation, I took a fall and landed hard on my pack with all my equipment. The KX3 had zero damage.

My $0.02

Dean ~ K2JB

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I also use a lens case like this and that plus Scott’s (AK6Q) Endplate and Lexan cover seem to provide enough protection for me.

Depending on weather I will stuff the lens case etc into a Sea to Summit dry bag.


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I have the smaller version of that case. Solid. It’s what I use on a typical (non-camping) activation if I’m not as concerned about pack weight. A bit bulky and heavy compared to what many use, but as you said, bulletproof. Plus it makes a nice platform to rest the rig on when operating.

Thank you Evan … I just bought it, I had lost the link :slight_smile:

Nanuk make hard cases & I have one of their Nano ones.
I don’t know the dimensions of the KX3 but you may find one that suits. Its a waterproof case in lovely bright green. And its definately hard.

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