KX2 Replacement Encoder Knob too Large

Has anyone else noticed that the aluminium replacement VFO encoder knob for the KX2 is too large?


KH2SR has had to file away part of the perspex bezel to make it fit. I bought one in Friedrichshafen this year and had the same problem. Why they cannot be made a couple of millimetres smaller is a mystery to me. Luckily, I’m going to England next week, where my brother in law has a lathe, so adjustments can be made to the knob, rather than the KX2.

Why not ask your question here (even without a photo):

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Sorry, perhaps I should have specified that the knob is not made by Elecraft, but is, rather, manufactured by a third party and sold online. Perhaps it is just a generic knob that has been sourced from a wholesale supplier, that is why it is not quite the right size. My question was rhetorical; just a heads up to those thinking of investing. Clearly, there is no actual answer to be had here.

Hi Matt,
I wonder why you had to change your tuning knob in the first place. Did you wear it down by excessive tuning up and down the bands?

Just curious,

The thinking behind the larger aluminium knob is that it is more aesthetically pleasing and has a better feel when tuning than the light plastic knob that comes with the KX2. Some people, apparently, find this knob to have a cheap and low quality feel. So the Alu knob is supposed to be an upgrade. The original knob is in perfect working order, as is the KX2.

It’s one of the many schemes that exists to separate Elecraft owners from their vast wealth. It surprises me anybody buys these things because I thought Elecraft radios were perfect and didn’t need improving! :rofl:


After four years of use my KX3 is still bog standard with the exception of a Pico Paddle for cw.

Anything else added is more weight which has to be carried in a rucksack.

The knob has now been modified on a lathe and fits perfectly. From the front there is not much difference visually:

From the side the additional clearance needed can be seen:

The same modification could be achieved by fixing the knob on the smooth end of a very close fitting drill bit, inserting the bit in an electric drill and using a file to take off a few millimetres of metal. Personally, I prefer this to filling away the bezel. The knob was €20 from the flea market in Friedrichshafen, so much cheaper than ordering online, where the $25 postage charge from the US is rather high form something that fits in a jiffy bag.
73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU