KX2 / paddle problem

Hi. has anyone had or heard of similar problem?

Left paddle in my KX2 does not seem to work while the right one works.
If I connect another paddle through jack socket, it works.

I am wondering if this is the paddle or the trx…

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I recall something about the screw length of the paddle being a bit too long for the KX2 during it’s introduction. You might want to contact Elecraft about that. Also, from the voice of experience on other matters like this, double check your settings in the menu - might be a switchable key input.

I think that was the version for the KX3, which would work with the KX2, but needed a shorter screw. You shouldn’t have this problem with the paddle produced specifically for the KX2. (Sorry I haven’t got the part numbers handy to clarify).
Re original problem- sorry not experienced that. You could try the Elecraft forum, they’re usually quick to help

UPDATE: I measured connectivity of the paddles with a multi-meter and the left paddle indeed did not trigger any action/ none of the 4 connectors would show a closed circuit after pressing the left paddle (while the right one would do).

I called Elecraft and they decided to replace the keyer for a fully-tested one without testing the malfunctioning one. Awaiting their parcel with the replacement.