KX0R - Thank you.

KX0R is one of the constants in my chasing. His morning’s activation on W0C/FR-035 put me over 4000 chaser points (a big deal for me anyway). Thank you George, again.


Yes, George is like a Colorado beacon. He is # 2 in my list as # of QSOs. Good Luck 73.

Yes, George is always there! I have him in my log 734 times as of today!!

Thanks George!

73, Walt

George is definitely a solid Colorado activator. I just checked my log and I have him in there 1109 times. Wow! That’s a lot of summits and I know I’ve not worked him every time he’s been on a summit. Congrats on the 4K chaser points. Good job!
Gary A. - W0MNA