KX0R Summit Ref Clarification 25 May 2015 W0C/SR-055

Today I decided to activate a second summit after doing W0C/PR-114 (Bald Mountain). My automatic spot on the second summit W0C/SR-055 (Pewabic Mountain) was incorrect.

I posted no alert for the second summit - I should have.

I sent the correct second summit out over the air a number of times, but QSB was rough, and I suspect a few chasers might have not got the correct second summit.

  1. I was operating on W0C/PR-114 from 1550 to 1635Z. I was on 10 and 14 MHz CW.
  2. I was operating on W0C/SR-055 from 1820 to 1913Z. I was on 18 and 14 MHz CW.

Thanks to N4MJ for spotting my correct second summit ref in response to my request! When I went to 14 MHz on the second summit, I was again spotted incorrectly - confusion inevitable.