KW4JM Double Mountain Goat

Scott KW4JM successfully activated Pilot Mountain to become the next Double Mountain Goat in W4C! Photo taken at the summit of Pilot Mountain with Mt. Hardy in the background. Join me in congratulating Scott on his milestone.


Ariel and Scott,

Your situation sure looks nice in that sunny photo! We woke up to about 7" of fresh snow bending the trees and bushes down, along with a sunny, cold day - so I chased SOTA activators today, and there Scott was on 14.065, rolling in at an easy 559.

Congratulations on the 2X MG - you’re in many of my logs, and hopefully many more!



Congrats Scott! Great to work you for your double Goat :goat::goat: 73 Karen

congratulations on 2x MG scott your in my log numerous times, always a pleasure

Congratulations Scott! And thanks for the 599 both ways from Pilot Mountain yesterday.

Hope to catch you on many more summits.

73, Walt

Congratulations Scott on 2X MG. I’m happy to have worked you from Pilot Mountain and thanks for all the chaser points 64X in my log.
Gary K3TCU

Congratulations Scott! Glad to make a Summit to Summit contact with you on your Double Goat summit! Bob AC1Z

Well done sir! Happy to have chased you yesterday on your MGx2 activation. Good sig here in W7W land. CU on the next one! :beers:

-Josh WU7H

Congratulations, Scott! I was happy to chase you on that special summit and on ALL the other ones as well.

Derek WF4I

Congrats, Scott!


Congratulations Scott

Way to go, Scott! Liz and I both enjoyed working you on your Double MG summit and hope to work you many more. :hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz

Congratulations Scott. I will never forget our weekend of activations
in TN/NC/VA. We need to do it again.
de John Paul // AB4PP

Congrats on double MG and thanks for all the SOTA contacts. Hope to work you on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats, Scott!

Don’t stop now …lots of chasers need points and boot leather is still a bargain compared to health insurance! So keep marching up those trails and launching RF for SOTA!

73, Steve/wGOAT

Congratulations! Quite the achievement, and best wishes for 3X and beyond.

Tnx to you all. I truly enjoy getting your calls on these beautiful mountaintops. What a crazy hobby…but we love it!
Scott KW4JM

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