KU4R Reaches 20,000 Chaser Points

Bob, KU4R, has been doing a lot of chasing lately and has just reached 20,000 chaser points! Way to go Bob, keep up the good work. :hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz
NR3E and K1LIZ


Hi Bob, Congratulations on 20K chaser points! And thanks for all the times you’ve chased me.

Andy, N4LAG

Awesome Bob! I’m ready to help out on the next 20,000 this week!!

Congratulations, Bob!
73 Gary

Congrats Bob. That takes a lot of contacts and time to achieve.

Gary a. -W0MNA

AttaBoy Bob! I can always count on you to be there in my log and with a good strong sig. Keep Calm and listen for CQ SOTA.
Dean ~ K2JB

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Congratulations, Bob! And, thanks for our SOTA QSO’s!

Congrats on the 20,000, just past 20,000 myself a few weeks ago !
It a long hard road, I know !


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Thanks Bob for being one of my regular chasers, always appreciated.

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Congratulations Bob! Always good to hear your call.

Bob, thanks for so many contacts over the years. Always good to get you in the log!

73, pat - ki4svm

Well done Bob. (Maybe a few more years I’ll get to 20k too.)
Scott kw4jm

Thanks Bob for helping many an activator secure their summit with a contact with you. 73, Chip K2KJD

Congratulations, Bob!
73, Walt

Good to have you in the log today, Bob.

David N6AN