KT5X qrp on W5/PW-027

Thanks to so many who got on frequency and gave me a call. I was incorrectly sending PW-028, yes, my announcement was right, it was PW-027. Next time I will write it down on something that goes up with me :wink: this is a 9,000 ft peak at the edge of the Pecos Wilderness on private land, but I know owners. Rig was ATS3B, used a double RCA male to connect directly to a tuner, both mounted on the 20 ft mast, then a 34 foot EFHW. Tuner nulled it out completely, no feedline, no (additional counterpoise or radials. 14 QSO’s in 90 minutes. Small LIPO went from 11.9 volts to 11.3. There are several details I will adjust before next excursion. I am retired, and a trail runner. I plan to activate a series of previously unactivated peaks in the coming weeks and months now that weather has moderated and snow begun to melt. Hope to see you again!!!

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Hi Fred,

I don’t really have a 20m antenna here but I listened for your signal anyway. Sadly I did not hear you, but others in Europe did :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the activation.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Thank you for TRYING !!!

And thanks to AK5X, you can go hear to hear my signal as copied in Dallas …


73, Fred