KSLC easily attained summits?

Spending an afternoon and another full day in KSLC on a business trip in a couple weeks. Planning to bring my SOTA kit. Looking for gouge on local summits I could reasonably do in a couple hours. Bonus points for trees and shade, off the valley floor and out of the high temps.

Thanks in advance.



Look at “View Benchmark” W7U/UT-043 nice 3 mile Round trip located very close to SLC. Bring your HT also, lots of fun.

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Another possibility is W7U/SL-016. Lot’s of private land there, but the parking lot is within the activation zone.

Note also that the last mile or two of that road is pretty rough. With careful tire placement you might be able to do it in a sedan, but something with a bit more ground clearance is very much recommended!

The view is amazing from there!

Thanks for the recommendations. A guy in our group has his sights set on Timpanogos. It looks like an all day affair at 14 mi RT. We’ll see.


A couple of roads near the summit. Do you recall which trail / parking you used?

When I did W7U/UT-043 I started at the Deer Ridge Off-Leash Dog Trailhead: Google Maps

I parked at the Maple Hollow Trailhead Park, just a little to the north-west of the Dog Trailhead.

Copy all. I’ll probably give it a shot Thursday. Both of these are perfect for the time I have.

Would you recommend any active repeaters in the area?

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Deer Ridge Trail at the End of Deer ridge road. To the North of the summit. It was @1.3 miles from parking spot.

TU for the recommendations. I bagged both of these summits this week. WY7N chased me on both. W7U is a beautiful area for SOTA. Thanks to both.


I’m thinking to activate W7U/SL-016 this coming Saturday afternoon. You should chase to get a SOTA Complete.

Sorry I don’t know exact time.

The weather looks iffy today. There are thunderstorms all over the place. I’ll post an alert as soon as I know I’m going to head up there. (I won’t bother if I can already see a black cloud in that direction.)

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Wx looks OK. Heading out!

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