Knut LA9DSA is now Mountain goat!

Congratulations to Knut @LA9DSA who is a new mountain goat in Norwegian SOTA association!

Knut truly holds pioneer spirit and likes activate the summits never activated before. I hope that Knut will not stop at this point and continue with SOTA journey.

Always pleasure to work with you OM! Looking forward for more S2S and join activities!

Hurrah for Knut!


Congratulations, Knut! :goat: And thanks for the many S2S.
73 Fabio

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Congratulations, Knut!


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Happy to be on your MG log :wink:
Congratulations Knut & thanks for all QSO
73, Éric

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congratulations for your new pet :goat:.

73, Ludwig

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Congratulations Knut! :goat:

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Congratulations Knut. It is always a pleasure to contact you and a big thank you for all your activities! See you soon.
73 Chris F4WBN


My best wishes to you, Knut. It’s always a pleasure to hear your signal from your impressive country.
73 Chris

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Congratulations Knut!


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Thank you so much for all your kind words and congratulations. No, I’m not stopping now😄, and today I was back on course for the next 1000p.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the S2S activators and chasers for all QSOs and that you have the patience to repeat your callsign when my dyslexia takes over in the pilup and I mix numbers and letters and write errors in my log. Finally, I would also like to thank you all for your SOTA-guidance and advice, in person or by sharing your experiences via Reflector and other media.


Congratulations Knut on getting the goat mountain and I’m glad you awarded with our qso


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Congratulations Knut!!

Thanks for the qsos in the way.
Never mind to ask for a repeat, it’s a pleasure to work you no matter if you need to ask again. I also ask for repeats frequently and Sota is a program for everybody!

Will look for you in the bands in your way to the next milestone. Have fun in the summits.

73 Ignacio


Thank you very much for your understanding. We’ll talk again soon…!